What is PowerSchool?

In the state of South Carolina, all public schools use PowerSchool as their student information system (SIS) for all aspects of student data management including attendance, grading and reporting.   

PowerSchool for Parents

One of the components of PowerSchool is an online portal that students and parents can use to view password-protected attendance and grade information.

To get the most value from the PowerSchool Parent Portal:

1. Check grades and attendance regularly.

2. Look at grades and assignments with your child.

3. Make sure that you know how your child's grades are averaged.  For example, spelling test grades at the elementary level may be averaged together to get one grade which is then averaged into the Language Arts grade.  

4. Contact the teacher as soon as possible if you need further information about an assignment or grade.

Keeping up to date with your child's progress and talking with them about their assignments and grades is a great way for you to help your child be successful.

Click HERE for directions to create a PowerSchool login for parents.

For more information about PowerSchool or for help setting up your PowerSchool parent account, please contact the PowerSchool clerk at your child's school.