Dr. Dana Fall, Superintendent 
Cherokee County School District 

Dr. Dana Fall

Welcome to the 2021/2022 School Year!

This year is one of new beginnings and new pathways moving forward.  The COVID-19 pandemic displaced education in so many ways last year, that there is an opportunity to start new this year while bringing this new knowledge forward.  We had seen ever changing guidance, shutdowns, and startups, shields/no shields, masks mandates to no mandates, hybrid schedules, and virtual learning.  During the turbulent times of the pandemic, we never lost focus of our priority of students and staff first and will be no different moving forward this year.  While our hope is to keep this year as normal as possible, we must not lose sight of the safety and well-being of staff and students.  I strongly encourage everyone eligible to get vaccinated as well as wearing a mask.  The more that we do as individuals the greater the chance that we can have a safe and as normal as possible school year.  We will continue to monitor the virus and make necessary adjustments as needed.  This year we must shift our full focus from the virus to providing a world class educational experience for our students.  We will continue to grow our early college and scholars programs.  We will also continue to make AVID a district wide initiative so that every student has access to great strategies to improve their individual academic success.  We are excited for the work that Curriculum and Instruction is doing with i-Ready, curriculum writing, reading plans, and many other great initiatives.  We are also revamping our GT programs and really trying to provide as many learning opportunities as possible for our students.  There will also be many great professional development opportunities to help staff grow.  We will not let down our guard with the virus, however we must get back to what we do best and that is educating our children.

I know that we all want this virus to be over, but we must be realistic as we head into this year and know that there will still be challenges.  We will attack each one head on and make any necessary adjustments.  We have an incredible staff that is fully capable to ensure our students are getting the very best education possible. 

While we may still have to deal with the virus our priority is on providing the very best education possible for all our students.  We will provide a new pathway towards success and becoming a flagship district for the entire state.  We must not lose sight of our commitment to greatness for our students and staff.  I wish every family, student, and staff a great new school year and look forward to seeing you.

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CCSD is poised and ready to move the academic needle while
creating a new pathway!  
We Are Committed!!!

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