Office of Superintendent

Dr. Dana Fall, Superintendent 
Cherokee County School District 

Dr. Dana Fall

Each new school year brings a renewed excitement into the home and community.  I am confident that the numerous opportunities currently offered, as well as our future endeavors will fundamentally aid in enthusiasm for a new school year in your home, as well as in my own home.

I believe that education is the cornerstone in every community.  As adults, it is our responsibility to make our District the very best that it can be for our youth.  The adage “it takes a village to raise a child” is undeniably even more imperative in today’s society. With all great school districts there is the strength of a great community.  We must be united in this common goal of support, and together, we can ensure the very best for our students and community.  I believe that Cherokee County School District has done a great task of sustaining growth and is on the cusp of even greater growth potential.  We must prepare for our future by ensuring that we have a top-rated school district that attracts and encourages growth and offers abundant opportunities to captivate our learners.  This includes our well maintained facilities that provide innovative learning environments, the quality of the academic programs and options for our students, the instructional delivery for our students, as well as extra-curricular activities at the highest level.

Another primary goal in Cherokee County School District is to become the flagship model for the entire state.  I truly believe we are well on our way in many areas across the District.  Our students are the priority and will be provided the best academic offerings, extra-curricular opportunities, as well as safe and secure learning facilities.

My family and I are extremely excited to settle in and to become part of this community as well as the Cherokee County School District family.  I am also extremely honored and humbled to serve this great county as your School District Superintendent and encourage each and every one of us to become an active member of our village to provide the best for our students of our District.


Our future is only as strong as our children!


Dr. Fall