Return to Learn
On March 15, 2020, on orders from South Carolina Governor McMaster, Cherokee County School District closed our school buildings for in person learning due to the Covid-19 global pandemic. Our students and staff engaged in what has now become termed “Emergency Deployment of E-learning.” Molly Spearman, South Carolina State Superintendent of Education, formed the Accelerate ED task force designed to assist school districts in formulating a plan to return to learn. Much of the CCSD plan is based on the guidance of this task force.

With the start of the 2020-2021 school year approaching, Cherokee County School District is building the road to reopen schools safely in the midst of the continuing challenges posed by COVID-19 in our community and state.
Any teacher, principal, or district official can tell you that the beginning of a school year in periods of normalcy is hard. Doing this in the face of Covid-19 will be monumentally difficult and fluid. The stakes for our students, staff, and community are high. An entire generation of students’ academic, social-emotional and mental health are at the forefront of all decisions.

Our goal is to engage in clear and consistent communications with students, families, and our community about changes to school operations necessitated by Covid-19.

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