Cherokee County School District Leverage Points

A Commitment to Students and Staff First 

The importance of establishing a clear, compelling destination is easily understood.  Just as important, but often less understood, is the active navigation component of the journey. Active direction-finding is the ability to choose from many alternatives and paths likely to deliver the unit to its destination in the fastest, safest manner.

So what is leverage?  A leverage point in a school district is an action or approach that maximizes the use of available time and resources for the greatest impact on student learning.  Not all actions and approaches have equal impact on student success. Some have high leverage, where students achieve at high levels, while some have low or even negative leverage, where the efforts produce small or even negative results.

Six leverage point emerged from the considerable amount of quantitative and qualitative data collected throughout this transition. These six themes certainly were reinforced by the considerable stakeholder input and leadership insight gathered along the way. They are aligned with the CCSD strategic framework, and also meet the criteria of leverage and capacity. As such, we should consider these to be key leverage points for moving the district forward.

Each of these leverage points is well aligned to the district's strategic framework.  As Superintendent, I along with leaders at all levels of the district will continue to engage staff, students, and community in the design/innovation process around these six leverage points.

CCSD Leverage Points

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High quality teaching and learning

Talent Management

Student-Centered Culture

Culture of Respect

Community Egagement

World-Class Learning Environments

Cherokee County School District is at a tipping point. A tipping point is where a series of changes becomes significant enough to cause a larger, more important change. Cherokee County School District will continue to be a major contributor to the success of Cherokee County. The decisions and changes made now will move this school district forward and allow Cherokee County as a whole, to become a thriving community. Outcomes of current economic development and future economic development are dependent on the success of our students and district.

With careful consideration, proper planning, and consistency, Cherokee County School District can be the driving force to many positives for our community, but most of all our students. Our decisions and planning processes will always start with one question, "is this decision putting our students and staff first?"  Providing our district with world-class learning environments is a promise I make to our students and staff.

Pathfinder - A Vision for Cherokee County School District

Pathfinder - A Vision for Cherokee County School District
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CCSD Leverage Points

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