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What is PowerSchool?

In the state of South Carolina public schools use PowerSchool student information system (SIS) to manage all aspects of student data including attendance, grading, schedules, and reporting. One of the components of PowerSchool is an online portal that students and parents can use to view password-protected information. Keeping up to date with your child's progress in classes and talking with them about their assignments and grades is a great way for you to help them be successful.

A PowerSchool Parent account allows you to follow your student's progress on a regular basis, including assignments, grades, attendance, and schedules.

How to create your Parent Portal Account:

Attention: If you do not already have your childs access ID and password, please contact your child’s school to be given your access ID and password specific to each student.

  1. Click here to be taken to the PowerSchool Student/Parent Portal login screen

  2. Select "Create Account"

  3. Select Create account at the bottom right

  4. Type in your most current information for the following fields: Keep in mind your password must be atleast 8 characters long

    • First Name

    • Last Name

    • Email

    • Re-Enter Email

    • Desired Username

    • Password

    • Re-Enter Password

  5. On the next section, please fill in Students Name (as it appears on the birth certificate), Access ID and Access Password (if you do not already have this information, please contact your child’s school to be given your access ID and password specific to each student), and your relationship with the student.

  6. Click Enter at the bottom right

  7. You will be brought back to the sign in page for the PowerSchool Parent Portal where it will confirm you have successfully created your account. From here you can log in using the username and password you have just previously set up for yourself.