Financial Forms

The forms below have been created and posted on the Office of Finance website for your convenience. Please click on the form needed, print out, complete and make sure that your supervisor has approved. Send budget transfer forms to Wanda Atkins.

All reimbursements must be sent to Michelle Poole. When sending in a reimbursement, it must have a professional leave form approved by the principal/department supervisor along with an agenda provided by the conference in which you attended attached to the reimbursement. Your reimbursement cannot be processed until adequate documentation has been included. Receipts are not required for reimbursement of meals. Make sure your mileage consists of travel from your school to the conference and back. Student home visit reimbursements must be on an in-district mileage form. The form must include the date of each visit, address, and mileage per visit.

Student accident forms must be sent to Michelle Poole. 

Should you have questions or concerns regarding either form you can contact Sandy Isom (864) 206-2224.

Click here to view the forms.