Family Reunification Procedures

Standard Reunification Method

Circumstances may occur at the school that requires parents to pick their child up from a location other than their child's school. This process is called Reunification and may be necessary due to hazmat, power outages, weather, or crisis at the school. We follow the Standard Reunification Method designed by the I Love U Guys Foundation in the hopes that our Reunification processes are formal and controlled. 

Parents should always keep their emergency contact information up to date in the school so notifications can be made to you in a timely manner. In the event that Reunification will occur, the district will correspond to parents/guardians through our AlertNow system, as well as through social media and our district web page. 

If a parent is unable to pick their child up, an authorized person listed on the student's Emergency Contact information may pick the child up. Anyone expecting to pick up a child at the school must have a State form of identification. 

When parents arrive at the location to pick up their child, they will be given instructions on how the process will flow in order to ensure that all parents are reunified with their children as quickly as possible.