Overview of the Expanded ADEPT System

The Expanded ADEPT Support and Evaluation System represents yet another step in this journey of improving teacher professional practice for the benefit of ALL students in South Carolina. The intent in new approaches to teacher evaluation is to shine a flashlight on where teacher practice is effective and where teachers can grow in their craft. The primary goal is not to use evaluation as a “hammer,” but rather as a tool that informs an educator’s professional growth and development, with emphasis on the direct connection between teacher practices and increased student learning through the incorporation of student academic growth measures into classroom-based teachers’ evaluation. Revisions in our current system seek to align and strengthen professional practice to support the intended student outcomes. Effective teachers have always focused on identifying student strengths and weaknesses, facilitating meaningful student learning, and monitoring student progress towards their educational goals. Including student growth measures within teacher evaluation simply rewards and recognizes a focus on what matters most: our children.

Profile of the SC Graduate

Goals-Based Evaluation

GBE Information

The following educators complete Goals-Based Evaluation:

  • Adult Education Educators

  • Instructional Coaches

  • Interventionists

  • Reading Coaches

  • Technology Integrators

GBE documentation is housed in SCLead.org