Food Service Charge Policy

The district food service department will allow students with no funds available in their account to charge United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) reimbursable meals up to an amount equal to $20.00. Students are not allowed to charge "special sale” items such as soda, ice cream, etc.

When a student account reaches a negative balance of $15.00, the food service staff and school administration will take actions to further notify parents/legal guardians above normal meal balance notifications to include letters, phone calls, automated notifications, and other proper means available.

Once an elementary or middle school student reaches the $20.00, limit they will be served an "alternate meal” which must meet current USDA nutritional guidelines and be a USDA reimbursable meal. The charge for the "alternate meal” will be $1 and will be added to the student’s account balance.

High school students will not be allowed to charge above the $20.00 limit and will not be offered an "alternate meal” but will be served a regular meal if paying cash.

Adults/Employees are not allowed to charge and must pay for all food items.

Cafeteria managers and cafeteria operators will be allowed to eat a reimbursable meal free of charge but must pay for "special sale” items.

Issued 6/13/16