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Mrs. Bessie Westmoreland
Executive Director of Student Services

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To support the vision of the Cherokee County School District by providing all students with a free and appropriate public education that maximizes individual strengths of the students in their most appropriate setting to develop world class knowledge and skills in preparation for success in college, careers and citizenship.


To support to the vision of the Cherokee County School District by meeting the individual needs of each student and provide a pathway for their learning.

Meet Our Team

Preschool Coordinator - Ella Bradford

Elementary Coordinator - Megan Robertson

Middle School Coordinator - Darlene Higginbotham

High School Coordinator - Cindy Wolford

Coordinator of Attendance, Truancy and Discipline - Isaac Wallace

School Health Coordinator - Mary Beattie

Lead School Psychologist - Jennifer Warden

School Psychologists

Dr. Lisa Shingler, Jennifer Warden, Kelly Beauchamp, Lee Ann Vecelio, Corrie McCants, Chandler McIntyre, Madisyn Hughes

Transition Specialist - Catherine Allen

Administrative Assistant to Executive Director of Student Services - Lisa Reynolds

Student Services Finance Coordinator - Sarah Roper

Preschool Coordinator Secretary - Brittany Jennings

Elementary Coordinator Secretary - Kristen McLain

Middle School Coordinator Secretary - Tonya Weeks

High School Coordinator Secretary - Tricia Willis

Secretary for School Psychologists - Debbie McCraw

Secretary for Attendance, Truancy and Discipline Coordinator - Erica Childers

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Bessie D. Westmoreland, Executive Director of Student Services.