How Do I Reset My Computer/Email Password?
The simplest way to do this is to log into your work computer, press Ctrl-Alt-Del, select Change Password and enter the requested information. You can do this at any time if you feel your password has been compromised.

*Note:  this will also change your password for Enrich, Canvas, and any other program that uses this same login.

How Do I Get My Name Changed on My Email?
You must fill out an Email Request Form in order to change your name and email address. Click HERE to access the form.

How Do I Change the Name, Password or Greeting on My Nortel Phone?
If you have recently acquired a Nortel phone and need both the display name changed and the password reset, you must call the help desk at 206-2299.

If you only need to reset your password or change your greeting, click HERE for instructions.

How Do I Set Up School Email on My iPhone?
Click HERE for directions for setting up school email on your iPhone.