Individual Health Plans & Emergency Plans

Individualized Health Care Plan (IHP)

An IHP is developed by the Registered Nurse in order to provide for the needs or services of students with health problems. Normally, IHP’s are developed for students who are medically fragile, who have chronic health conditions and/or who require complex health services on a daily basis, students who receive medications during the school day and for those students who have illnesses that could result in health crisis or emergency. The RN will use professional judgment to determine which students require an IHP. The IHP is planned and developed with input from the parent, student, and health care provider.

Emergency Action Plans (EAP)

Some health conditions have the potential to develop into a medical emergency or health crisis which requires an emergency action plan (EAP). The EAP stems directly from the IHP and provides non-medical school personnel, who have a need to know, how to recognize and respond to a medical crisis or emergency in the absence of the nurse. Your child’s school nurse will inform you if an EAP is needed for your child