Certification Information

Becoming a Teacher in South Carolina

Elimination of the Graduate Course Requirement

Effective beginning June 26, 2020, Regulation 43-55 will be amended to remove the requirement of a graduate course for certificate renewal for educators who do not hold a master's degree. 

Updates from the SC Department of Education

The South Carolina Department of Education launched an enhanced educator certification system, SC Educator, on May 5, 2022. Certification applications will now be accepted through SC Educator, and educators will submit requests and upload supporting documentation directly into their user accounts in this new system. Transcripts must still be sent directly to the SCDE at transcripts@ed.sc.gov by the college, university, or transcript delivery service.

Certification Forms

Documents submitted to the SC Department of Education will now have to be in a PDF format, see the link below.

Processing Applications and Requests

Procedures for Advancing Degree

SC Department of Education Procedure
Cherokee County School District Procedure - Notification of Degree Advancement for an increase in pay must be submitted to Tammy Perry in Human Resources, by the educator.  The SCDE does not notify the district of any changes to an educator's certificate.

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SC Department of Education Forms