Welcome to Elementary Education

Our primary goal is to assist building-level administrators and teachers in the planning, development, implementation and evaluation of the instructional program in pre-K through grade five.

Areas of Responsibility


  • Assisting principals and teachers with instructional challenges in pre-K through grade five.

  • Assessing and interpreting the present curriculum and proposed curriculum changes for the administration, the staff and the general public for pre-K through grade five.

  • Coordinating the development and editing of curriculum guides for pre-K through grade five.

  • Coordinating the selection and adoption of textbooks for grades K through twelve.

  • Working with principals in order to bring about continuity of the instructional program in pre-K through grade five.

  • Articulating and facilitating the implementation of state academic standards.

  • Collaborating with the Middle School Coordinator to facilitate the transition from Elementary to Middle School.

  • Collaborating with the Title I Coordinator to effectively implement the curriculum in Title I schools.


  • Elementary Gifted and Talented

  • District Spelling Bee

  • Elementary Curriculum Alignment

  • Title III/ESOL

  • Elementary Foreign Language

  • Pre-School Programs, including 3K, 4K and 5K

  • Family Literacy

  • English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Liaison to State and County Agencies

  • Department of Social Services

  • First Steps

  • and Human Services


  • Title III - ESOL

Additional Responsibilities

  • Assisting with the planning and coordination of the district's elementary and early childhood staff development programs.

  • Developing and managing budgets.

  • Assisting in the evaluation of teachers.

  • Assisting with the coordination and implementation of the district testing program in grades K through five.

  • Scheduling Art, Music, P.E., Gifted and Talented, Foreign Language and ESOL instruction for the elementary schools.

Additional Resources

Reading Conversation Cards

Our goal is to provide the best possible education for all elementary students. If you have questions or comments about the above information, please feel free to contact the Curriculum and Instruction Office with any questions.

Contact Information

Lisa Blanton, Coordinator of Early Childhood/Elementary